Without hybrids and" electrification", crowding the traditional ice, not done this time.

Without hybrids and" electrification", crowding the traditional ice, not done this time. And one of the main surprises, as in Geneva, was again presented by the Chinese comrades. 

Audi RS 7 Sporback

After a new "charged" wagon RS 6 Avant came in and turn litvaka RS 7 Sporback, which was celebrated in Frankfurt on his debut. He painted bodykit in the same style as for the RS 6, and yet both of these cars share not only the interior, but one power plant on the scheme "soft hybrid". This is a 4-liter supercharged V8, which helps to accelerate the 48-volt starter generator.

The total output is 600 HP and 800 Nm of torque, which are transmitted to the wheels through an 8-speed automatic and all-wheel drive with a torque distribution of up to 85% in favor of the rear axle. A set of 100 km / h takes 3.6 seconds, and thanks to two optional packages, the speed limiter can be shifted from 250 to 280 or 305 km/h.the standard equipment of the hatch includes air suspension, but for a fee you can equip the new suspension RS Sport.

Taycan Porsche Turbo S

The first in the history of Porsche serial twin-engine electric car Taycan already recorded in the "killer Tesla". Given its design, capabilities and chassis-not such an exaggeration. The car has its own new platform, and the center of gravity is even lower than the Porsche 911, which together with the rear swivel wheels clearly give such handling and "hold" in the corners that Tesla can lose the duel at the Nurburgring, which Elon Musk proposed to arrange.

Acceptance of Russian orders for Porsche Taycan has already started. Turbo version is estimated at 10 643 000 rubles, for the top Turbo S will have to pay a minimum of 12 943 000 rubles. The first deliveries are expected in the middle of next year.

The most powerful version of Taycan Turbo S two electric motors are issued in the amount of 625 "forces" (like the version of "just" Turbo), but if you start to overboost it for 2.5 seconds increased to 761 HP (680 forces the Turbo). And although the Turbo S weighs 2.5 tons, 1050 Nm of torque hurls it up to 100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds and allows you to dial 260 km / h. Another Taycan – the world's first serial electric car with a network of 800 volts, which reduced the charging time: the battery at 93 kW/h for half an hour is charged by 80%. The turbo S has a power reserve of up to 412 km on fully "charged" batteries.  

Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

We won't make hybrids, they said. But times and trends are even not forced! And now Lamborghini is in Frankfurt sian FKP 37-the first hybrid in the history of the company. And it is the most powerful serial "Lambo" today. It was created on aventador units, but sian has so many features that it has every right to be called an independent model. So, its naturally-aspirated V12 with 6.5 liters volume boosted to 785 HP, which already makes Sian powerful Aventador SVJ.

Lamborghini will release Sian in just 63 pieces at a price of $3.6 million, and they have all been sold. The prefix FKP 37 in the title is a tribute to the recently deceased ex-head of Volkswagen Ferdinand Karl Piech, who was born in 1937.

Ice helps 34-horsepower 48-volt electric motor (ie Sian-the so-called "soft hybrid"), which in total gives 819 HP Realized this power through a 7-speed robot and all-wheel drive. Acceleration to 100 km / h - for 2.8 seconds, "maximum speed" is 350 km / h. Due to the help of an electric motor sian faster Aventador SVJ at accelerations, for example, from 30 to 60 km / h and 70 to 120 km / h, and the engine is powered by supercapacitors, which are three times lighter than traditional batteries. More capacitors quickly give and replenish energy, and at their expense Sian can not go long only on electric. Lamborghini says that this will not overheat the gasoline engine, for example, when maneuvering in the Parking lot.

900 Brabus G V12 "One of Ten"

Tuning Studio Brabus is already working on the new generation of SUV Mercedes-Benz G-Class. And in Frankfurt, the company presented its next creation - a new G 900 V12 "One of Ten" with a modified batubulan V12 from Mercedes which he soon plans to retire. The engine was wasted from 6 to 6.3 liters, put larger turbochargers, another inlet and outlet, eventually removing from the engine 900 HP and 1500 Nm! In Brabus say that their creation-the world's most powerful SUV with a V12 engine.

Of the external differences Brabus G V12 900 "One of Ten" - carbon hood, rear wing on the stern and aerodynamic body kit Widestar, with which the SUV is wider by 10 cm Interior is sewn in white leather. As stated in the title "One of Ten", this SUV Brabus will release a circulation of only 10 pieces at a price of 605 000evro without taxes or about 43 million rubles. For comparison, the serial Mercedes-AMG G 63 is in Russia from 13 170 000 rubles.

Acceleration to 100 km/h big G V12 900 weight far 2 tons of spend "sortirovka" 3.8 secs and gaining 280 km/h. For comparison, the new
Mercedes-AMG G 63, whose 4-liter V8 produces 585 HP and 850 Nm, gaining "hundred" in 4.5 seconds, and the maximum speed even with the package AMG Driver's Package will not exceed 240 km/h. Of course, under the insane motor in the Brabus recalibrated adaptive suspension, widened track and put rims on 23 or 24 inch low profile tires dimension 355/25 to R24. 

Hongqi S9

The most unexpected novelty of the Frankfurt motor show lurked at the stand of the Chinese brand Hongqi ("red banner"), which is part of the state Corporation FAW. It was created for the production of representative models for the Chinese market, but now the company is increasingly probing foreign markets.

Hongqi S9 – double compartments with sliding doors and a carbon fiber body.

To impress a spoiled Old world was called hybrid hypercar S9. The "heart" of the installation – 4-liter turbocharged V8, and with the motor in the car 1400 HP. But even more impressive is not even the power, and the claimed dynamics of acceleration: up to 100 km / h S9 "jumps" in just 1.9 seconds, which is faster Bugatti Chiron! The maximum speed exceeds 400 km/h, in the future the Chinese are threatening to launch this elektromonter in the series, although not yet reported the exact timing.

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