A small hatchback Panda Trussardi

Execution Panda Trussardi already called the most luxurious version of the model

Execution Panda Trussardi already called the most luxurious version of the model, and in its finish, of course, not without an abundance of leather.

It is built on the basis of the maximum configuration of the so-called cross-hatch version, which has including all-wheel drive system. Modification by Trussardi will be available for "Pandas" with any of the available engines: hatch is equipped with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine with a recoil of 69 or 85 HP.

The main difference between the glamorous new items from the standard "simpleton" Fiat Panda was a range of exclusive body colors: for example, for the first time hatch is offered to paint in a matte shade. In addition to chocolate Caffè Italiano Brown (or, judging by the name, still probably coffee) for new items will also offer white Gelato White, black Cinema Black and gray Colosseo Grey - with references, respectively, to ice cream, cinema and the Colosseum.

In addition to special colors for Panda Trussardi came up with a set of black accents for the body, lining, imitating the protection of the engine compartment and special 15-inch wheels. Not without thematic labels.

The interior is dominated by the same brown shade – it is used in the decoration of the front panel and fabric inserts with the effect of weaving on the seats. The chairs are partially finished with leather.

In addition, hatch updated the door panels and scattered around the cabin lining with the name of the fashion house-they could not avoid even seat belts.

The cost of Fiat Panda Trussardi has not yet been reported.

A small hatchback Panda Trussardi
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