Honda's premium division has recalled its first off-road model, the all-wheel drive SLX

Honda's premium division has recalled its first off-road model, the all-wheel drive SLX. This car was completely atypical for the brand and many motorists did not even suspect that in the distant past Acura sold something similar. Instance 1997 not only brought in full order, but also saturated with the most modern technologies from the crossover RDX.

Acura SLX was equipped with 218-horsepower 3.2-liter V6, which in the 90s of the last century stood on its technical twin Isuzu Trooper. But in the new incarnation, he gave way to the "vtekovomu" engine volume of 2.0 liters. due to the turbocharging that develops 350 HP and works with a 10-speed automatic.

In addition, the frame SUV-veteran got a proprietary all-wheel drive system SH-AWD with the ability to vectorize torque and – along the way-an independent multi-link on the rear axle instead of a continuous bridge.

Curiously, over the exterior of the SLX did not put any experiments: the exterior of the SUV just restored, updating, say, the former two-color solution of the body with the help of modern paints Acura Performance Red Pearl and Champagne Silver.

In addition, the SUV pereobuli in 17-inch wheels Fifteen52 Tarmac with all-terrain tires. And in the interior there were only leather trim milano and wooden inserts: otherwise diligently preserved factory appearance.

Acura SLX was born in 1995 as a product of cooperation between Honda and Isuzu and was sold in the US market until 1999, giving way to the model MDX, fully developed by Acura engineers.

Restomod is built, first, in order to celebrate the million sales of crossovers with all-wheel drive SH-AWD in the United States, and secondly, to convincingly demonstrate the technological difference between all-wheel drives, which separates a quarter of a century.

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