"Yandex" is preparing a new version of the system " Yandex.Auto"

"Yandex" is preparing a new version of the system " Yandex.Auto", which will allow you to plan the route before the trip, monitor road events and pay for refueling, as well as acquire a number of functions.

So, the user interface will change: in the new version of "Yandex.Auto " the services that the driver uses most often will appear on the main screen. Previously, only the Navigator was displayed at startup, but now on the first screen you can find your favorite music or favorite routes. There will also be a single music player interface. Whether the driver listens to the radio or tracks from the phone via Bluetooth or wire, the player always looks the same.

"Yandex.Navigator "in the phone and on-Board computer will link together: a single account "Yandex" allows the driver to plan the route at home. In the application, you can see where the car is parked, build a route from it and one button to transfer it to the screen of the on-Board computer.

In " Yandex.Car" now built-in "Yandex.Refueling", which can pay for fuel directly from the car. As soon as the driver arrives at the gas station, the on-Board computer will understand where it is, and will offer to pay for refueling without leaving the car, since the system can select the column and the amount of fuel.

Navigator in " Yandex.Auto " taught to recognize six types of cameras and warn of approaching them, including voice. For example, he will say that the driver pulls up to the intersection control camera or the camera to a stop, even without a built route.

Before installation, you will need to update the system to version 1.7 - it will appear soon. Drivers who additionally installed themselves in the car "Yandex.Auto", will be able to do it yourself in the settings. Those who have " Yandex.Auto " was built into the car initially, will receive updates gradually from dealers. The update also includes features from previous versions of the system.

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