The German company has already managed to indicate a significant tilt towards General electrification

The German company has already managed to indicate a significant tilt towards General electrification, but the situation seems to be much more serious than it first seemed. Audi is not going to put all the eggs in one basket like Volkswagen: the "four rings" will have four electric platforms at once.

The first, in fact, has already been mastered. This is a modified version of the" cart " MLB Evo, on the basis of which the serial crossover e-tron is built. The second will be the platform under the designation J1: its Audi will borrow from Porsche, which, in turn, has already created on it no less serial sedan Taycan. In 2020, Audi will release with its use of serial e-tron GT.

The third company will borrow from Volkswagen. And this architecture also has the status of serial: the first wolfburg electric car based on MEB was presented in Frankfurt. Volkswagen, by the way, believe that the possibilities of scaling MEB is enough to create electric vehicles of any type, but Audi have a different opinion, although they will assemble a Q4 e-tron crossover based on this architecture by 2021. In size, it should correspond to Q3, but in terms of internal space - a larger Q5. Subsequently, some other electric cars will join the Q4 e-tron.

And finally, the fourth "cart" Audi will again develop together with Porsche. It is already known under the designation PPE and fundamentally has some similarities with MEB, as it implies either one motor on the rear axle, or two on both. But Audi argues that the new architecture will be considered more premium, as it allows the use of air suspension, full-control chassis, onboard 800-volt architecture and charging capabilities 350-kilowatt current.

By 2023, the company intends to bring to market a new electric car based on the e-tron GT and A7 Sportback, which will be the first serial application of this platform. However, in size it will be closer to A5 than to A7. And by 2025, the Audi lineup should have two dozen full-fledged electric vehicles.

It should also be added that the PPE platform can be used by those manufacturers who do not have enough funds to develop their own architectural solutions: Volkswagen group intends to sell its developments to the side and negotiations are already underway.

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