In the line of Aurus Motors will be another version of the representative model Senat

In the line of Aurus Motors will be another version of the representative model Senat. It is addressed to those who find the L700 limousine too bulky and the standard sedan too compact. Powerful armor — available.

On the streets of Moscow was seen the first running model of the new modification of the Aurus Senat, which has an "intermediate" configuration of the body of the limousine.

Official information about the release of the new version of Senat has not yet been received. But the newspaper's sources at the state WE have confirmed that the range Aurus Motors will be "average" luxury with an intermediate insert 500 mm and total length of body 6 mm. 130 For comparison, standard sedan S600 has a body length 5 130 mm, and the limo L700 c increased wheelbase is exactly 1 meter long — 6 130 m.

There are several options for the development of events. Either a shorter (and therefore more "affordable") limousine will be another modification in addition to the two existing ones, or the longest Senat L700 will be reserved strictly for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is now actively using this model, and the "medium" version will be sold on the open market. 

In fact, there are only two direct analogues on the Russian market: the extended Genesis G90 L, which also has a Central insert, and the Mercedes - Maybach S650 Pullman, which is only available to order.

What index is going to be assigned to the new product is still unknown. But it is quite obvious that in addition to the basic limousine "Senate" will be available also armored version, which just got into the lens of an eyewitness — it is easily recognized by the characteristic glazing.

The volume of technical changes will also not be able to estimate before the official data. For example, the L700 limousine differs from the standard S600 sedan not only with a reinforced suspension, but also with a more productive cooling system. But under the hood of revelations, for sure, will not be - as part of a hybrid installation, you can expect a 598-horsepower V8-turbo 4.4 l, electric motor, 9-speed automatic and all-wheel drive.

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