Officially introduced the BMW 2 series Gran Coupe

Officially introduced the BMW 2 series Gran Coupe.

Do not be fooled by the name: from a technical point of view, the novelty has nothing to do with the coupe 2 series, as it is built on the same front-wheel drive platform on which the Bavarian "unit" of the new generation is based. In length, the sedan stretched to 4 526 mm with a wheelbase of 2 670 mm: it is slightly longer than the hatch with an identical distance between the axles. And it has a solid trunk. Officially, the volume is stated at the level of 430 liters, but it is already known that even the most affordable "deuces" will receive a folding back of the rear sofa.

The interior of the BMW 2 series Gran Coupe is also quite predictably borrowed from the hatch, although equipped with a slightly more concentrated sense of sportiness. The sedan will have a digital dashboard, a 10.25-inch touchscreen multimedia system, and a 9.2-inch projection display, and a proprietary voice assistant, and a digital key on the smartphone-all that is required by the modern gadgetomaniac.

Of course, it was not without an advanced complex of driver's assistants, which included, for example, a system of holding in the lane at speeds up to 240 km / h and a collision avoidance system.

As for the exterior design, while a matching design front of other members of the family the rear half of the BMW 2 series Gran Coupe painted with the famous eye on the older model – cityradio 8 series. It is also known that the most powerful modification – M235i xDrive-can be identified by a special grille, spoiler on the trunk lid and trapezoidal tips of the exhaust system, while other modifications will be the usual round (90 mm in diameter).

At the beginning of sales "four-door coupe" will offer three powertrains. Version 218i will receive a three-cylinder supercharged engine with a return of 140 HP and a mechanical box, 190-strong 220d mechanics will be replaced by an 8-speed automatic, and the top M235i will have a 306-horsepower version of the two-liter turbocharged engine. In this case, the motor will work with a four-wheel drive system with a "self-locking" and a machine with the same 8 steps, but more sporty character.

All modifications of the BMW 2 series Gran Coupe will be equipped with a traction control system with braking of the inner wheels and a specially calibrated traction control system, and the top modification will also have a special steering mechanism, and developed brakes.

Sales chetyrehdverki in Europe will begin in March next year. Prices - from 31 150 euros for gasoline and 40 250 euros for diesel modification, and the most powerful version of the new product (capable, by the way, to dial 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds) will cost Europeans at least 57 250 euros. Prospects for the appearance of the compact Gran Coupe on the Russian market are still unclear.

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