The Bavarian company has already declared the imminent rejection of 12-cylinder engines. However, it seems that while they are still in the ranks, BMW came up with a new use of the unit, which was installed on the sedan 7 series. Powerful modification can obtain a crossover X7.

The story so far, however, looks quite confusing. As reported on the forum Bimmer Post, one of the users of the resource found in the depths of the multimedia system X7 a kind of "Easter egg" - a hitherto unseen version of the design of the digital dashboard crossover. It clearly shows the inscription "X7 M60i" with the trademark stripes division BMW M.

Accordingly, the conclusion that the Bavarians are secretly preparing to enter the market modification of the crossover with a 12-cylinder engine, just begs. However, no representative of BMW never mentioned such a prospect. On the other hand, nothing prevents the concern from releasing not only a particularly powerful, but also a particularly luxurious version of the SUV – a kind of alternative to the upcoming Mercedes-Maybach GLS, which, according to rumors, will also receive a V12.

It is assumed that when installed in the crossover 12-cylinder engine BMW special changes will not survive and will continue to develop a little more than 600 HP and 800 Nm of torque. All-wheel drive sedan 7 series weighing 2 180 kg with such an engine took only 3.7 seconds to gain the first 100 km / h.

The situation, by the way, is exacerbated by the threat from an unexpected side: the famous tuning Studio Alpina, desperate to wait for the official m-version of the X7, decided to build it yourself. And their XB7 with a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 will also be 600-horsepower.

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