Currently in Russia there are two equal distributor Ravon

Currently in Russia there are two equal distributor Ravon is "Uzavtotrans" responsible for the southern and Central regions, and "Uzavtodor CIS", which operates in the Urals, the Volga region and in Siberia. To date, preliminary agreements have been signed with 45 dealers. By the end of the year, their number should grow to 90 and in the future - to 150.

Already officially started selling three models Ravon-R2, Nexia R3, R4. Prices for cars range from 646 000 rubles. for Ravon R2, 670, 000. for Ravon Nexia and R3 678 000 RUB for Ravon R4. The R2 and R4 models are manufactured at a factory in Uzbekistan. Organize Assembly of the R3 factory "Searchauthor" in Kazakhstan allowed Ravon to optimize production costs and logistics, as well as to become closer to Russian consumers. It is noted that in Kazakhstan this car is among the three best-selling.

"Based on the positive experience of Kazakhstan, we are considering the possibility of organizing Assembly production in Russia. Negotiations on this issue are now in an active stage, and I think by the end of the year we will announce their results", – said meanwhile managing Director of JSC "UzAuto Motors" Alexander Sakhapov.  In the meantime, two hubs with spare parts warehouses will be created in Russia. Already opened a warehouse in Sterlitamak, where the number of spare parts needed for warranty support vehicles.

In the near future, the saturation of the Russian market with the most popular types and models of cars in the corresponding price segment. "Currently there is an active work on expanding the model range up to 7-8 cars by 2022, told the head of Department of development of sales, after-sales service and export of the components of JSC "UzAuto", Shukhrat Mirsaatov. - Models will be produced on the basis of a single platform, the implementation of which we are engaged in together with our closest partner. This will not only benefit manufacturers, distributors and dealers, but also improve product quality."

As said General Director of "Uzavtotrans" Sarwar Kadyrov, the brand in Russia ambitious plans. This year it is planned to sell 7 thousand cars, next year – 34 thousand. By the end of the year 11 thousand cars will be delivered to Russia. This month, 80 cars have already been delivered to dealers, 10 of them have been sold. Distributors guarantee that cars will be available in the required quantity.

"In 2020, we plan to increase the share of the Ravon brand in the Russian market to 2%. At the same time, our competitive advantages should be the cost, quality and availability of cars, as well as service and after-sales service", - said Sarvar Kadyrov

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