Recently, the management of Bugatti said that with speed records on reaching

Recently, the management of Bugatti said that with speed records on reaching the previously scheduled mark of 300 miles per hour, the famous French brand "ties" - it's time, they say, to focus on other tasks. For example, to offer the market is not quite a piece and fabulously expensive product, but something "simpler" and more mass. And now the first result is presented.

If based on this news to film, it should be called "Honey, I shrunk the Bugatti": deciding to return to the construction of compact copies of their historical models, which is practiced in the 20-ies of the last century, the company introduced sports car for kids. But on the modern electric version of Bugatti Type 35 will be able to ride and adult: the car turned out not so small.
Pre-production sample of the smallest sports car in the modern history of Bugatti, called Baby II, stretched to a length of 2.8 m. a Copy of the famous Type 35, characterized by an impressive study of details (except for the modern dashboard), turned out to be one and a half times smaller than the original and is equipped with an adjustable pedal node – just in case the parent of a small pilot wishes to sit behind the wheel of a retromobile.

Body Baby II will be built from different materials - from aluminum to fiberglass, at the request of the customer. The movement" like a real " sports car is driven by an electric motor, but it also provides several modes of operation, designed for different ages and qualifications. In the "children's" powertrain will be able to develop only 1.4 HP, and the car will not accelerate faster than 20 km / h.

In a more advanced performance Baby II will grow to 5.4 HP and 45 km / h. and "professional pilots" put the third mode. It will be made available for the most expensive versions with a composite or aluminum body: in this mode, the driver will have access to 13.6 HP with no maximum speed limit. However, to activate this mode, you will need a special key. Power reserve "children" Bugatti - up to 30 km.

It is planned to assemble no more than five hundred cars-in the best traditions of the company. As usual, all of them are already sold out, although in this case the role, of course, played by the price: Bugatti Baby II is incomparably cheaper than the original supercars – from 30 thousand euros.

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