Oats are known to be considered the best horse food. But the electric car

Oats are known to be considered the best horse food. But the electric car, even if the pedigree of the "Mustang", on oats will not go far. Why, he wouldn't budge at all, like that ass. Give him electric food, and preferably more.

Ford has taken this nuance into account. It became known, first, that the new crossover will have two "sockets" - 110 and 240 volts (obviously, for the American and European markets). Through the first one it will be possible to get electricity for about 5 km per hour of charging, through the second-for 35 km. a Separate charger will be offered as an option, but with its help within an hour the onboard batteries will be replenished with electricity for 51 km of mileage.

But the 150-kilowatt terminals of the FordPass network, which Ford is building with the support of existing electrify America stations, will provide the highest rate of replenishment. These stations will provide energy replenishment for 76 km in just 10 minutes, and the charge of the on-Board batteries of the crossover at the terminal from 10% to 80% will take 45 minutes.

In Europe, it will be possible to charge the "electric Mustang" at the stations of the Ionity network. It is claimed that every all-terrain vehicle buyer will get free access to these networks for up to two years.

It is also promised an application for mobile gadgets that will help the owner of the electric crossover to build charging schedules, find nearby terminals and the like.

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