The open version of the supercar is considered mandatory since the 50s-in fact, the Corvette and the light appeared as a Roadster. However, in the eighth generation" obeskryshennaya " modification Corvette forced became the first in history model-largely thanks to the technical revolution, that himself "Corvette" has survived under a change of generation.

This is, logically, the first open Corvette mid-engine layout. And, unexpectedly, the first in the history of the family Roadster with a hard convertible top, as previously Chevrolet preferred a soft roof. To change the principles of the company went for the sake of increasing comfort in the cabin and optimize the appearance: with a closed roof Roadster in profile is almost indistinguishable from the coupe-Targa. For this it was necessary to redesign the rear panel-now there are two sticking "hump".

The convertible top consists of two carbon panels and is removed in a special compartment between the motor and the seats in 16 seconds, and this can be done at speeds up to 50 km/h.Another innovation – electric motors instead of traditional hydraulics. Between the headrests, the engineers implanted a glass windscreen: it received its own servo drive and can be controlled independently of other components.

The eighth "Corvette" was originally designed taking into account the possible lack of top, so it is endowed with a fairly rigid body. However, to the Roadster was similar to the coupe not only in appearance but also in behavior, Chevrolet reconfigured the novelty springs and shock absorbers.

The rest of the supercars are identical: the Roadster has the same 6.2-liter atmospheric V8 with a recoil of 502 HP and 637 Nm, and the same 8-speed robot. Dynamic characteristics of the new member of the family "Corvettes" have not yet been named, but they are unlikely to be very different from the dynamics of the coupe, which is able to accelerate to 100 km/h in about 3 seconds.

But the price tag has already been announced: the Roadster will be more expensive than the coupe for $ 7,500, which makes it essentially unique to the class offer. On the conveyor open Chevrolet Corvette will rise in the first quarter of next year.

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