The Chevrolet brand showed in Michigan the new generations of its bestsellers

The Chevrolet brand showed in Michigan the new generations of its bestsellers, which received a thoroughly redesigned appearance, a different "cart" and an expanded engine range, where the long-excluded engine returned. In addition, the Tahoe and Suburban have become smarter, roomier and more comfortable.

The main change in the design of both SUVs was, perhaps, completely independent suspension: rear continuous axle gave way to a multi-link design, which should have a beneficial effect on driving comfort and handling. In addition, for some versions offered not only adaptive shock absorbers, but also pneumatic elements (versions High Country and Z71), allowing to vary the ground clearance within 102 mm.

Chevrolet Tahoe in the off-road version of the Z71. It differs "undercut" bumpers and off-road tires, but will be offered only with gasoline engines.

The air suspension can lower the body by 19 mm from the middle position to improve aerodynamics at highway speeds or by 51 mm for passenger boarding and Luggage loading, and raise it from the middle level by 25 mm at low speeds off-road (in 4WD HI transmission mode) or by all 50 mm (in 4WD LO mode).

The Tahoe and Suburban received a redesigned frame and became larger. The wheelbase of the first, for example, increased by 125 mm (up to 3,071 mm), the second between the wheels added 105 mm (up to 3,407 mm), and the length of SUVs is now 5,351 mm and 5,732 mm, respectively. The rear row of seats can now be moved back and forth by 254 mm.

The increase went mainly to increase the Luggage and expand the space for passengers of the second and third rows. In the cargo compartment Tahoe will now fit up to 3,479 liters of Luggage, and in the Suburban you can put all 4,097 liters.

In the interior, there were shift buttons instead of the usual lever and a new multimedia system. The number of displays of different types in SUVs can now reach five: a digital "instrument panel" and a 10.1-inch tablet monitor in the center added a 15-inch projection display and two 12.6-inch screens for rear passengers.

The list of equipment includes a Wi-Fi hotspot and 4G LTE module, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, many USB ports, wireless charging of smartphones. The system of automatic braking with recognition of pedestrians is responsible for safety, there are cameras of a circular review, control of "blind" zones and position on a strip.

The old "poker" machine on the steering wheel is no more-instead of it put here is a "slider". 

The engine range for both models, which previously consisted only of petrol V8s, was expanded by an economical diesel. The engine on heavy fuel ceased to offer after the first generation at Tahoe (1991-2000 years of release) and and the eighth generation at Suburban (1992-1999 years of release). But if earlier put a 6.5-liter cast-iron V8, now from the new pickup Silverado 1500 2020 model year took a new, lighter and more compact in-line all-aluminum" six " Duramax I6.

The six-cylinder Duramax turbodiesel I6.

This common-rail direct-injection turbodiesel with a pressure of 2500 bar at a volume of 3.0 l develops 277 HP at 3750 rpm and 623 Nm at 1500 rpm. the timing and fuel pump Drive is a chain, the oil pump is driven by a belt. That's just they are in the rear of the diesel and to replace them may well need its removal.   

New frame with independent rear suspension and pneumatic elements.

In a couple of diesel detached 10-speed automatic. It will also work with the former gasoline atmospheric V8: engine volume of 5.3 liters (355 HP and 519 Nm) and the flagship unit of 6.2 liters and 420 "forces" and 623 Nm. Retained and the transfer case with a lowered row, the front axle is still connected by a clutch.

The list of possible on-Board equipment also includes about three dozen driver's assistants, a system of all-round vision of 9 cameras (including one for the trailer), a Wi-Fi distribution point, a panoramic roof and the like. Sales of new products in the United States are scheduled to begin in the middle of next year, and to Russia Chevrolet Tahoe will get, according to rumors, another six months later.

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