CROSSOVER Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean – this is the full name of the crossover

Fisker Ocean – this is the full name of the crossover, which is destined to become the next competitor. At the same time, the manufacturer is going to position it as the most environmentally friendly car on the planet, and it's not just an electric power plant.

In the interior decoration of the Fisker Ocean actively used recycled materials. For example, the carpet is made of recycled nylon, the source of which are discarded fishing nets. It is believed that these networks serve as one of the pollutants of the hydrosphere of the planet, so Fisker, using them for conveyor production, simultaneously contribute to the purification of the oceans. In addition, it is mentioned that the production of the crossover involved waste tire production.

As for the power plant, the all-terrain vehicle with a length of 4 640 mm will receive an 80-kilowatt battery, which will allow you to drive up to 480 km on a single charge. In addition, the Ocean will be equipped with solar panels: with their help, it will be possible to increase the mileage by about fifteen hundred kilometers per year for free.

Another interesting detail is the new distribution scheme of the crossover. In Fisker are not particularly eager to sell it, but are determined to organize a scheme that is a cross between carsharing, renting and leasing, and you can use it directly from your smartphone.

The full premiere of Fisker Ocean is scheduled for January 4, 2020.

CROSSOVER Fisker Ocean
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