Recently observed in Europe, the wave of discontent with the dominance of crossovers

Recently observed in Europe, the wave of discontent with the dominance of crossovers and SUVs on city streets has received a new fuel: the reason was a terrible accident in Berlin. More and more people from ordinary citizens to officials and senior politicians are calling for the eradication of such cars as a class or at least make them only electric. Manufacturers disagree.

The boom in sales of crossovers and SUVs has led to criticism of this type of transport, even from the mayor of Frankfurt – a city where only last week was presented a lot of new products from this field. According to Automotive News, Pete Feldman, saying the city needs more buses and trains rather than crossovers, blamed the latter for air pollution, essentially echoing recent statements by Greenpeace activists.

Object activists decided, for example, representatives of Land Rover and PSA. Commercial Director of the British company Felix Brautigam said that everyone should have a choice (stressing along the way that the new Defender will soon become a hybrid), and Carlos Tavares, head of PSA and the European automobile Association, noted that the current EU rules force manufacturers to focus on crossovers. According to him, more stringent standards are applied to compact cars, and this has led to their displacement from the market.

The reason for the resumption of the debate was the accident in the center of Berlin, where the driver of the Porsche Macan lost control and flew onto the sidewalk. Four people were killed – a twenty-year-old Briton and Spaniard, a 64-year-old woman and her three-year-old grandson. The causes of the accident have not yet been announced, but the public debate has escalated: environmentalists again propose to set a limit on entry into certain areas of the city depending on the size of the cars, and Stefan von Dassel, the head of the district of Berlin, where the accident occurred, said that large and powerful "tank-like" SUVs can not be allowed in the city, because any driver error endangers lives. "They are also climate killers and pose a threat even without any accidents," von Dassel was quoted as saying by the Guardian.

It is possible that in the conditions of the current difficult international situation in recent years, even in relation to the problem of crossovers and SUVs, the usual "blame the Russians!"- it is no secret that the total "passion" of automobile companies in the production of such vehicles was initially largely dictated by abnormally high demand for such in Russia.

In August, crossovers and SUVs became the most popular body type in Germany's new car market, taking a 22% share. It is expected that by the end of the year their number in the country will exceed 1 million. In Europe as a whole, the share is much higher and reaches 37%. However, according to JATO Dynamics, the popularity of crossovers is on the decline: in July, the growth of this segment in Europe was only 0.7%, which is the lowest in recent years.

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