"Better less, Yes better" and "small, Yes Udal" - this is how you can characterize the crossover WakuWaku

"Better less, Yes better" and "small, Yes Udal" - this is how you can characterize the crossover WakuWaku, which clearly demonstrates that a roomy car does not necessarily have to be huge (as they like in Texas, Moscow and the Caucasus), and which in the rear half of the body – just five doors. All of them are designed to provide more convenient access to this half of the cabin, which seems to be able to transform into a kind of mobile home. However, the length of the crossover-only 3 395 mm, but it looks like a combat, and the interior is decorated with cheerful orange plastic.

A prototype of the toys, the fresh illustrates how could look like is made in the same form factor of a truck. It, too, has been equipped with a special access system to the cargo space, and it also stores its own drone-apparently for point delivery of parcels.  And the mobile shop of "Tsumu-tsumu" will be released, for example, is quite decent.

A third concept called WaiWai is also designed to show how much can fit in a kei-Kar, but this time it's about people. A hybrid of a compact hatch and a minivan with a fabric (!) the roof is equipped with sliding doors and three rows of seats. However, it is more authentic than the others-4,200 mm. by the Way, the name "Wai-Wai" is not of Armenian origin, as one might think. In Russian, it can be translated as "Blessed", but still more close in fact is the meaning of "noise-DIN from many people" - so immediately you see a bunch of fun stuffed into the car chattering Japanese.

Here in General it is worth noting that marketers Daihatsu, working mainly on the domestic market, adopted reduplication – one of the forms of the plural in the Japanese language through the double use of a noun. In this case, new meanings can be formed: for example, "wakuwaku" is something like "excited anticipation of a pleasant event that will soon happen", and "tsumutsumu" means "accumulate", "collect in a pile" or simply "pile", which also corresponds to the purpose of the model.

And finally, IcoIco: a parallelepiped on wheels is a project of a completely Autonomous vehicle with the maximum possible volume of internal space in terms of key-car parameters. It turned out to be quite narrow-only 1 475 mm - which should provide him with the opportunity to scurry through the most compact streets of Japanese megacities, and is equipped with a retractable ramp for passengers with disabilities.

The ideas of all these prototypes look very relevant, but whether at least one of them will receive some kind of serial embodiment is still unknown.

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