The Bavarian concern is preparing to enter the market all-terrain vehicle iNext

The Bavarian concern is preparing to enter the market all-terrain vehicle iNext, which should become the technological flagship of BMW. However, it is still unclear how many kilometers he will be able to travel on one charge.

Some time ago, BMW said that the power reserve of the crossover will be about 700 km-thereby making a significant claim to the record of the segment. Later, the Bavarians called a more cautious figure in 600 km, and now, according to the publication Auto Express, operate a distance of 360 miles, that is about 580 km. Presumably, these characteristics will be obtained during the tests of BMW iNext on a realistic WLTP cycle.

However, even being repeatedly reduced, the power reserve of the crossover still remains impressive. It is also known that iNext should get the largest battery pack among competitors, including electric cars from Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Tesla. According to rumors, the battery capacity will be 120 kWh. In addition, it was previously reported that the SUV should become a leader in terms of semi-Autonomous driving technologies.

The electric crossover will be built on a new platform that allows the use of both internal combustion engines and hybrid and all-electric power plants.

It is expected that the dimensions of the BMW iNext will be comparable to the current BMW X5, and the new platform in the future, it is possible, will be the basis for the next generation of "x-fifth".

The novelty should appear on the market in 2021, but the production line at the plant in Dingolfing, where it is planned to produce iNext, is already being tested. Earlier, BMW said that they will try out a number of innovative solutions and technologies during the Assembly of the electric crossover.

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