FAW has already shown the Russians crossover D60

FAW has already shown the Russians crossover D60 – it was in 2016, and since then with different frequency there are rumors that the crossover sales in our country is about to begin.
And the place of the D60 in the strategy of the concern was taken by a completely new model, about which almost nothing is known: in the Russian office of the FAW use the phrase "new crossover", preferring not to go into details yet. According to the publication, the most likely novelty for the Russian market of those that are now present in the model line of the brand, can be called a model with almost Russian name Senia R9.

However, a fairly large 4.5-meter SUV (which is undoubtedly a plus for the Russian market) is equipped with a very compact 143-horsepower turbo engine of 1.2 liters (which is called in the eyes of conservative domestic buyers a positive feature is unlikely to succeed). The unit is paired with a 7-speed robot. However, for the sake of the Russian market crossover can attach another engine, a simpler design to the Russian cap came "Senka" fit.

The timing of the release of new products on the Russian market is also not yet called, although it was previously reported that this should happen within a couple of years. But it is known that the FAW intends to expand its dealer network – from 47 to 67 percent for 2020.

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