In the story of how the company from Maranello

In the story of how the company from Maranello, catching up with more agile competitors, is going to participate in the division of the market of sports all-terrain vehicles, new details have emerged. In Ferrari recognize that in the process of "voluntary-compulsory" development of new items faced with difficulties, but it is even more interesting.

A direct competitor to Lamborghini Urus should enter the market according to preliminary plans in 2022. Presumably it will be called Ferrari Purosangue, but inside the company the project is known under the designation 175. As stated by the publication Autocar technical Director of the company Michael Leiters, entering a completely new segment of the market has put before the firm and completely new engineering tasks.

It is known that the crossover c proudly prancing stallion in the logo will provide four seats, suspension with ability to change ride height and advanced system of combat rolls, which should keep the new driveability even in the absence of asphalt and more headroom. The latter, apparently, was one of the main tasks of Ferrari.

Besides, according to Leiters, one more difficult problem – the organization of four-seater salon where it would be convenient and comfortable to all four passengers, but at the same time the distinct sports orientation would remain, and the "human-machine interface" initially focused on the driver would be more democratic and public. However, a similar problem Ferrari at the time already had a chance to successfully solve when creating the model 612 Scaglietti.

It is reported that the Ferrari 175 is developed on the basis of a new platform, which involves both front-and mid-engine layout, the ability to install engines from V6 to V12, as well as drive only on the rear wheels or on both axles. It is argued that the future Purosangue can get a hybrid powerplant.

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