Aurus Komendant photospies saw loaded on a car carrier in the company of a Senat sedan

Aurus Komendant photospies saw loaded on a car carrier in the company of a Senat sedan and an Arsenal minivan, while only an SUV was wearing camouflage film. The trailer, as far as we know, stopped at a gas station, which allowed the photographers not only to see in detail the body of the "Commandant", but also to look into its interior.

Obviously, one of the early prototypes was taken to Scandinavia for testing: the SUV is still devoid of full-fledged rear optics, and its interior is finished much easier than you would expect from a premium model.

But from the photo, we can conclude that the interior for the "Commandant" will be copied from the interior of the "Senate": the same front panel and devices are clearly visible in the photo. Accordingly, the two models will share both the platform and the power unit-a hybrid installation based on a 4.4-liter V8 with a return of 600 HP and 880 Nm of torque.

Photos allow us to draw a conclusion about the dimensions of the "Commandant": it will either be comparable in size to the "Senate", or will be slightly larger. Accordingly, the length of the SUV should fit into the range of 5.6-5.7 meters, which makes the Aurus Komendant very large-scale compared to those European developments with which it is designed to compete.

For example, the "Commandant" may be longer than the Bentley Bentayga by half a meter, and Rolls-Royce Cullinan will exceed 20 centimeters. How much the new product will be able to overcome the Russian off-road, is still unknown.

According to preliminary plans of Aurus Motors, the official debut of the "Commandant" is scheduled for the August automobile exhibition in Moscow, and serial production of the SUV will be established no earlier than 2022.

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