One of the most anticipated new products from China - a compact crossover Geely SX11 (Coolray)

One of the most anticipated new products from China - a compact crossover Geely SX11 (Coolray) - will be produced at the Belarusian plant "Belgi". Localization of production will allow Geely to ensure stable volumes of Coolray supplies to Russia, as well as to establish a more balanced price compared to imports.

It was the adaptation of the conveyor in Zhodino that was the main reason for the delay in bringing the SX11 Coolray to our market.

According to our information, at the start of sales localized Geely Coolray will be available with a 1.5-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 150 HP.. And although Russia has certified a more powerful 177-strong version of Chinese origin, the main bet, of course, will be made on a more convenient option for taxes. The predicted dynamics from 0 to 100 km / h in a 150-strong car-about 8.5-9 seconds (in a more powerful version-7.9 seconds).

The 1.5 l engine developed jointly with Volvo (installed on the base Volvo XC40) will be combined with a preselective 7-speed robot with two clutches and front-wheel drive. At the heart of the car is the same joint architecture with the Swedes BMA, which are going to use in the new entry-level Volvo. Note that the Geely SX11 has a lot of unified parts of the power plant and chassis with crossovers XC40 and Lynk & Co, as evidenced by the" original " Chinese machines General marking.

In addition, the Russian office of Geely has done a lot of work on the adaptation of a new generation multimedia system for Coolray, which received a lot of flattering reviews during the premiere. Fortunately, in the Russian specification, the device will retain its virtual instrumentation and digital architecture as a whole (the photo is at the disposal of the editorial office), but how it will work in practice - we will know after the debut. Probably, later there will be a variant of Geely Coolray with the Yandex platform.Auto.

The main issue remains the price tag, which, presumably, is still at the stage of finalisation-the Russian premiere is scheduled for the first half of 2020. Geely Coolray will be positioned half a step below the popular Atlas model, but this does not mean that the Coolray will be cheaper than the basic Atlas - everything will be decided by the list of standard equipment. And he's "Korea" should be good.

With a competent pricing policy, Geely Coolray can compete strongly with Hyundai Creta, Renault Kaptur / Arkana and even the future Kia Seltos-Geely crossover does not have all-wheel drive, but its strengths are design, high-quality interior, dynamics and a good digital environment.

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