As for the newly made" purebred " Toyota Yaris

European manufacturers – like Peugeot and Renault-should be careful: a completely new player enters the arena. The Japanese five-door, which is larger from the inside than the outside, has also become noticeably more economical: Yaris forcibly made friends with European environmentalists.

In order to avoid possible confusion, it should be noted at once that the novelty is addressed to the European and other markets in addition to the American, where a completely different new Yaris was previously presented, under which the Mazda2 "hides".

As for the newly made" purebred " Toyota Yaris, its dimensions compared to the previous generation as a whole, it has retained, slightly reduced in length and height and at the same time becoming a little wider. But the wheelbase increased by 55 mm, with the wheels placed literally at the corners of the body, and the driver was put a little lower. As a result, Toyota claims that hatch managed to organize even more volume inside than before, despite the slightly reduced dimensions.

Figures have not yet been given. Toyota prefer to focus on the fact that the hatchback has moved to a new global platform-a compact version of the" vsetoyotovskaya "TNGA, which is known under the designation GA-B. it is Claimed that it will give "Yaris" more fun and excitement in the management and a moderate appetite due to weight loss.

On the same – reducing fuel consumption-focused and new engine range. Specific characteristics again is not yet called, but it is known that in Europe up to 80% of sales will have to fall on a new hybrid installation based on a 1.5-liter gasoline engine. Toyota says it was able to increase its output by 15%, while reducing emissions by 20%.

At the same time, the novelty is not deprived of traditional internal combustion engines: the hatchback has already promised two full-fledged gasoline engines, which it will be equipped with about a year after the start of sales. 3-cylinder units of 1.0 and 1.5 liters will be offered, however, not in all markets where Yaris is present.

It is expected that together with the new platform hatch will receive a new set of driver's assistants with adaptive cruise control and row control system. And it is planned to install it already in the basic configuration, which for the segment, in General, is nonsense. Debuts on the "Yaris" and the Central airbag, which will be opened between the driver and the passenger in a side impact.

Production of new items will be organized in the same place where the previous generation was produced for Europe – at the Toyota plant in French Valenciennes. The approximate date of the start of sales is spring 2020, and live "Yaris" will be shown at the exhibition in Tokyo.

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