GM has already provided funds to declare the revival of the Hummer

In early February, the United States will host the final of the super bowl of the National football League: the super bowl has long been turned into almost a national holiday in North America. Accordingly, advertising on the air broadcast of the match costs crazy money. And, according to the information in the budget GM has already provided funds to declare the revival of the Hummer in this way. In addition, signed a promotional contract with NBA star LeBron James.

It is claimed that the mere willingness to spend millions on advertising on the air already indicates the seriousness of the concern's intentions. However, what exactly will be the new "Hummers", is still unknown – in GM keep the intrigue to the last. But the most persistent version is associated with the intention of the concern to transfer the famous SUVs to electric traction.

According to preliminary data, the Hummer brand will produce cars similar to the cult models in appearance-they are tipped to have a similar angular body design and similar off-road capabilities. However, internal combustion engines revived "Hummers" will be deprived of all, replacing them with a couple of electric motors.

At the same time, the Hummer is still planned to be positioned as a premium brand, and, obviously, electric SUVs will not be cheap. According to rumors, the official announcement of the" reboot " of the brand will follow within two to three weeks or will be timed to the super Bowl, which is scheduled for February 2.

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