the hypercar Mercedes-AMG One at birth is destined to become a complete egoist:

If the car at all capable of selfishness, the hypercar Mercedes-AMG One at birth is destined to become a complete egoist: absorbing all that is possible, from the world of racing, he later will not give this world anything. But it will give all of itself to its owner-also, presumably, egocentric to the core. Or to the tips of your fingernails touching the steering wheel.

After a number of delays in correcting design flaws and fine-tuning the powertrain Mercedes-AMG One should appear on the market in early 2021. By that time, a new technical regulation of the daily race at Le Mans should come into force, which theoretically will allow the hypercar to participate in the competition.

However, in an interview with Top Gear, the head of the company Tobias Moers said that he did not see the point. According to him, he likes to watch the process and it will be very interesting to see how the hypercar-competitor – Aston Martin Valkyrie will behave on the track, but he does not understand any practical benefits from large-scale investments in the program of participation in marathon endurance races.

Do not Shine giperkara and attempt to beat the recent record Bugatti: as stated in Moers, customers should be by far more interesting to drive road car with the engine from the car in f-1 than to know what athletic achievements and records it is capable enough of those phenomenal successes that the team Mercedes-AMG has already demonstrated and continues to demonstrate today in Formula 1.

Serial One was the development of the acclaimed concept of Project One, presented in 2017. The power plant of the hypercar is built around a 1.6-liter turbo engine borrowed from the racing Mercedes F1, and several electric motors assist it. However, the use of sports engine on a civilian vehicle and became a stumbling block: for example, the motor is able to spin up to 12,000 rpm, refused to work properly in normal mode. However, now, according to Moers, with this problem coped.

Other problems that had to be solved in the process of building the hypercar were the adaptation of the power plant to the required emission levels and the need to limit the noise of the "formula" engine and exhaust system in accordance with new European standards

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