The prototype of a heavy tractor in Hyundai called HDC-6 Neptune

The prototype of a heavy tractor in Hyundai called HDC-6 Neptune, and in his name laid the main advantage of the concept: the exhaust of the truck is clean water. The fact that the tractor was equipped with a hydrogen power plant on fuel cells. And this, by the way, is the only thing that is known about it: neither the recoil of the engine nor the power reserve of the truck have been declassified yet.

But Hyundai paid great attention to the design of both the tractor and the cab. It is claimed that the unusual appearance of the HDC-6 Neptune is designed under the influence of futuristic trains-streamliners that plowed the us Railways in the 30s of the last century. This explains, for example, the unusual encircling the truck at the bottom of the line, which is actually a huge radiator grille. It also implanted and folding steps, which are supposed to climb into the cabin-it is a unique fully digital space.

Along the way, Hyundai – more precisely, the division of the company that develops semi-trailers-presented a conceptual refrigerator Nitro ThermoTech. Its cooling system runs on liquid nitrogen, which reduces the carbon footprint of the "refrigerator" compared to traditional solutions and makes the refrigerator less noisy.

In addition, it is claimed that the sides, roof and front wall of the semi-trailer are made of a" single piece " of a special laminated material based on polystyrene foam-this minimizes heat losses and ultimately leads to energy savings.

Hyundai has not announced plans for mass production, but it seems that this is only the beginning of declassification of the project of "green" expansion of the company into the world of cargo transportation.

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