Images of the future news leaked to the local press, but data on the model itself is not enough

Images of the future news leaked to the local press, but data on the model itself is not enough. Presumably, it will appear on the market under the little-known brand Hengtian, which belongs to the conglomerate China Hi – Tech Group with a very wide sphere of interests-it, in addition to the chemical industry and heavy engineering, includes the creation of electric vehicles, and traditional transport with ice.

According to another version, the SUV will enter the market under the brand name Tianma: allegedly CHTG and Tianma Auto agreed to jointly build a plant with a capacity of about 100 thousand cars a year, which is already planned to be built in Sichuan province. According to the third hypothesis, the novelty that caused a stir will be called Foti – the so-called company within the concern that produces internal combustion engines.

Be that as it may, Toyota will definitely have questions for the authors of the exterior of this model: very much its "face" resembles the appearance of the world's bestseller from Japan. As for the technical characteristics, then, as befits "Cruisers" regardless of origin, the novelty will get a large 8-cylinder engine.

However, the volume of 4.6 liters develops it, according to Chinese media, just 280 HP and consumes a minimum of 14.6 liters of fuel per 100 km, and the maximum rate If the future is 196 km/h. According to some reports, in the domestic market SUV priced in the base 800 199 yuan, equivalent to just over 1.8 million. And what is especially interesting, there are already very persistent, although not yet confirmed rumors that the Chinese clone of Toyota Land Cruiser may appear in our country. Perhaps wishful thinking is just being passed off. That for many such a car will be very, very desirable, no doubt, but it is not superfluous to recall that no matter how attractive did not seem fake, it will still be just a fake with all the ensuing consequences.

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