At least because it is not about an electric car

At least because it is not about an electric car, but about an electric bike, although electric bicycles are not news even for some regions, which are called "Outback". The growing popularity of such transport makes it necessary to closely follow the trends of major manufacturers: Peugeot built a two-suspension mountain bike-marathon.

The novelty, presented at the exhibition of mountain bikes Roc d'azur in French Frejus in front of 150 thousand fans of this genre, is called quite difficult-Peugeot eM01 FS PowerTube. On the other hand, if you understand the" Aesop language "of the manufacturer, you can understand that in this name everything you need to know about the novelty is encrypted:" first class electric mountain bike with full suspension and a battery built into the frame."

The bike is equipped with an electric motor Bosch, which develops 75 Nm of torque, the frame for it came up in Antidote Solutions, and the front and rear suspension developed in Rockshox. About the time of acceleration to "hundreds" in this case to speak, of course, is not necessary, but Peugeot described the acceleration of the new word "explosive".

As for the power reserve, the 62-kilowatt battery, whose components are hidden in the frame of the bike, provides it with the ability to drive on a single charge up to 140 km – and this figure is better than some officially sold electric vehicles. However, then still have to go back, but the pilot eM01 FS PowerTube will be able to do it at the expense of their own muscles.

The sale of electric bike Peugeot will appear early next year, and will be offered in five versions.

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