Kia announced the specifications of the new Optima (aka K5) for the global market

Kia announced the specifications of the new Optima (aka K5) for the global market. Sedan began to declassify a few weeks ago, and only now it became known what weapons Kia Optima will fight, for example, with the Toyota Camry. It turned out that prepared the "Optima" for the fight very thoroughly.

After the change of generation, the height of the sedan became less by 20 mm (up to 1445 mm), the length increased by 50 mm (up to 4905 mm), and the width – by 25 mm (up to 2850 mm). The wheelbase is larger by 45 mm and is 2850 mm. the New K5 / Optima is the longest, widest and squat in the history of the model.

It is announced that outside the home market – for example, in North America – the base engine for the sedan will be a four-cylinder turbo engine of the SmartStream family of 1.6 HP. It will be 180 HP and 265 Nm of torque.

Will and several options atmospheric 2-liter gasoline engine. Starting 2.0 MPI with distributed fuel injection-152 HP and 192 Nm. The motor with the cvvl valve height adjustment system produces 160 HP and 196 Nm. The 2.5 l direct injection GDi engine develops 194 HP and 246 Nm.

However, the sedan will also have a" warmed up " GT modification with a sports body kit and 19-inch wheels, for which a turbocharged engine of the same 2.5-liter volume was prepared. The recoil of the motor is stated at the level of 290 HP and 422 Nm.

The engine is equipped with a dual injection system: at low speeds MPI distributed injection is used, at high speeds GDI direct injection system is used, and in intermediate modes both these systems operate in a combined mode.

All engines in the standard version are aggregated with 6-or 8-speed automatic. But the turbo engine 2.5 T-GDI will be combined only with the "robot" 8DCT, with which the acceleration to 100 km / h takes 6.6 seconds.

In addition, for the first time in the history of the model in Kia announced for "Optima" and all-wheel drive system. In normal driving modes, the sedan will be front-wheel drive, but, for example, with active acceleration or slippage, the multi-disc clutch connects the rear wheels to help. By the way, the main competitor in the face of Toyota Camry all-wheel drive also recently appeared.

The list of equipment for Kia Optima promised to include a 12.3-inch dashboard, multimedia system with 10.2-inch screen and voice control, 8-inch projection display, atmospheric interior lighting and acoustics Bose, a lot of driver's assistants up to the semi-Autonomous control system level 2 and even the ability to remotely "steer" the sedan in the Parking lot.

Kia's Russian office said that sales of the K5 / Optima in export markets will begin in the first half of 2020. But the start date on the Russian market and units for our country have not yet been determined. Most likely, the range of engines for Russia will be partially similar to the new "Sonata", which has already started in our market. That is, you can certainly expect "atmospherics" for 2 liters and 150 HP and 2.5 liters for 180 "horses". On the Sonata, both are paired with a 6-speed automatic. But all-wheel drive and a turbo engine at 290 HP - in question, everything will depend on what the Russian price can get.

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