The hapless hypercar was back on the road again

The hapless hypercar was back on the road again, although the aftermath of the two collisions clearly hinted that this coupe was definitely under pressure. What tests Koenigsegg prepared "Griffin" in the future, while covered with darkness-well, or gold.

It was 24-carat gold that became a special distinction of the unique Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon, which was built on a special order for businessman and collector from the United States Manny Hoshbin. Hypercar with pomp demonstrated at the Geneva motor show in 2017, and then sent to pre-sale tests, where safely and crashed. It happened on may 11 of the same year.

For the customer who remained literally at the broken, though gold Swedish hypercoryt built another machine with the symbolic name Phoenix, and" Griffin " was restored, after which he remained to work at the firm as a test bench: it tested some new solutions and technologies. And almost exactly a year later, in may 2018 ,the "Griffin" crashed again – this time near the Swedish Trollhattan.

Looks like it took a year to repair the hypercar again. In any case, in social networks there were photos of him, taken by one of the spotters in the area of the Swedish base Koenigsegg in Engelholm. It is claimed that this is the same Gryphon, despite the fact that all the gold parts on the body are covered with masking tape.

What is now used hypercar, it is not known, but according to rumors, it is testing the components of a new power plant. And develop it for the recent novelty of the company named Jesko, which allegedly has to repeat the feat of Bugatti Chiron and overcome the speed threshold of 300 miles per hour. However, according to another version of the "Griffin" banal prepared for sale to a new owner-another admirer of the Golden calf.

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