Lexus is seriously considering the possibility to repeat the experiment

Lexus is seriously considering the possibility to repeat the experiment with the release of a relatively compact model. It is possible that the novelty will be a small crossover, which will be located in the line of the brand a step below the UX – the most compact SUV Lexus at the moment. It is possible that with its appearance, the model range of Lexus will leave the veteran hatchback CT.

According to another version, the Japanese are thinking of a subcompact hatch for megacities in the same class in which the Toyota Aygo plays. The company began experimenting with this form factor in 2015, presenting the concept LF-SA with a length of only 3,450 mm (in the photos).

It is worth Recalling that even Aston Martin tried to flirt with this segment at the time, but their Cygnet project did not "shoot": with the planned sales volume of 4,000 cars per year, the maximum result of the British was 261 cars. Perhaps Cygnet undermined the fact that in fact the hatch was still the same Toyota Aygo, only in a more British luxury shell.

In General, go understand these automakers, and with them the experts of the car market: they shout at every corner that the demand for small cars is falling rapidly and everyone wants a bigger car, preferably a crossover; it turns out that quite the opposite-people are trying to buy a smaller car, but only the choice is now small. And while some manufacturers, traditionally saturate the market with democratic small cars, loudly declare the termination of their production, specializing in premium cars of the brand, on the contrary, seek to release any " trifle pot-bellied"

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