In Rolls-Royce do not skimp on pathos epithets: the novelty is called the "King of the night"

In Rolls-Royce do not skimp on pathos epithets: the novelty is called the "King of the night", "Bold, decisive and daring" and "the most powerful in the family Black Badge". The crossover retained the original V12 volume of 6.75 liters, but its return increased from 571 to 600 HP, and the amount of torque increased by 50 Nm - to 900 Newtons.

Together with the 8-band ZF automatic and all-wheel drive, the motor catapults the monumental Rolls-Royce to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds. However, the Black Badge differs not only in increased power and dynamics: it is assumed that the owner of this crossover will actively develop not only the rear sofa, but also the driver's seat. Therefore, Cullinan appeared pedals with reduced strokes for increased thrill, modified suspension, 22-inch wheels with red calipers and a new exhaust system with the possibility of two-stage sound adjustment directly from behind the wheel.

Together with the" very black " crossover, the range of finishing capabilities of Rolls-Royce was replenished. It is claimed that it is available for more than 44 thousand shades of the body, but the main will be branded black. The coating consists of many layers, each of which goes through up to 10 stages of manual polishing. In addition, the distinctive feature of the Black Badge will be the body finish tinted chrome.

In the interior appeared, for example, a new skin color for the brand Forged Yellow and design with the help of "three-dimensional" carbon fiber. Each sheet of technical fiber is covered with six layers of varnish, then left for 72 hours to dry, and then polished by hand to a mirror Shine. This process takes 21 days. In addition, together with the "black mark" Cullinan for the first time received the famous ceiling in the style of "starry sky" with 1,344 fiber-optic elements. Finally, the interior of the novelty scattered infinity signs.

Price Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge is not called, but to order the most powerful crossover brand is already available.

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