SUV nicknamed "Wolf" with the index 250GD was born in 1991

SUV nicknamed "Wolf" with the index 250GD was born in 1991. According to the tuners, it took them about 1,000 man-hours to fully restore it to an acceptable condition. To do this, the car had to, for example, completely disassemble up to the disconnection of the body from the frame, peel off all the old coatings to pure metal and re-cover with the necessary compositions. The body was painted in the original color of Mercedes-Benz, and the fabric of the soft top was completely replaced.

Instead of all rubber parts, from bushings to hoses, new analogues were used, and new Eibach springs and Bilstein shock absorbers appeared in the suspension. In addition, the SUV during the conversion received modern led optics, protective nets for turn signals on the wings, snorkel, new tires and a canister holder in the rear. A special "chip" of the project were reinforced loops on the sides: they are designed for cables, which can pick up the SUV helicopter for casting in particularly remote places.

At the same time, the Expedition Motor Company did not change the power unit: the SUV retained the regular five-cylinder diesel of 2.5 liters. However, the motor was completely sorted out, restoring everything that is required, and a similar operation was done with the regular transmission.

Now tuners intend to sell the restored "gelendvagen" for 92 150 dollars.

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