Mitsubishi has published a teaser of some new items

The Japanese company seems to be on the verge of another expansion of its lineup. Mitsubishi has published a teaser of some new items, which will be presented in a month in Tokyo, but its essence is only a guess.

Strictly speaking, it is unclear even what part of the future car is depicted on the teaser. If we assume that this is the rear part of the body, it can be concluded that the novelty will provide either a very extravagant air ducts or external speakers of the speaker system.

According to the official report, we are talking about some kind of conceptual development, which will have the form of a compact crossover. Apparently, it will be equipped with the latest power plant, in which the technology of the plug-in hybrid will be combined with electric all-wheel drive: it is possible that electric motors will have to rotate the wheels, and the compact ice will be used as an electricity generator.

Mentioned in the description of the development and " unsurpassed driving pleasure and confidence on all surfaces," as well as "safety in everyday driving around the city." On the statement of various versions and hypotheses from fans of the brand left a month: the concept will be declassified within the Tokyo motor show, which will be held from October 24 to November 4.

The latest novelties of the brand were the updated version of the SUV Pajero Sport and seven-seat version Outlander. In addition, it was reported that the company in the future plans to abandon the production of the SUV Pajero, replacing it in the line of some large 7-seater crossover.

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