With the change of generations Defender has already turned

With the change of generations Defender has already turned into a high – tech vehicle-it is endowed with a variety of sensors, cameras and electronic assistants. However, as stated by the publication Autocar chief engineer of the project Stuart Frith, nothing can replace the verification of the situation in which the car was, personally by the driver.

However, as a rule, for a full assessment of road conditions need to get out of the car. In Land Rover also want the driver and in this situation remained able to manage. Thus, Defender will be able to overcome particularly difficult areas in the future like a radio-controlled model. According to Frith, the architecture of the novelty allows it. Moreover, Land Rover engineers already have a fundamental understanding of how the remote control system can be implemented in practice.

The only catch – the current legal norms that look at such entertainment, in General, disapproving: the authorities of any country in the first place want to make sure that the innovation will not lead to a danger to the driver or pedestrians.

Thus, it is unclear when Defender will be turned into a "big toy car". Another planned invention-the ability to broadcast live video stream from the onboard cameras of the SUV to the cloud storage or social network-will probably be implemented much faster.

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