new generation of the extremely popular Toyota Land Cruiser SUV

The reason for this brief excursion into paremiology, hunting and geography was a number of media reports published a few days ago regarding the new generation of the extremely popular Toyota Land Cruiser SUV. Mentioned its index of 300, was told about his appearance and special design, even called the timing of the emergence of the new autumn 2020.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Russian representative office of the brand, reacting to such publications, issued an official statement as follows: "on behalf of Toyota Motor LLC, we declare that the network has false information about the release date, name and technical details of the new generation Land Cruiser. The news is accompanied by an unreliable image."

Recall that this is not the first time that the media in the conditions of recurrent information hunger, especially against the background of increased expectations of a new car publish unverified and sometimes untrue information. For example, in the spring of this year there was a similar situation with the details of the return to the Russian market of the Opel brand.

But there is good news in the reliability of which there is no doubt: Toyota Land Cruiser of the new generation will certainly be. Whether in the autumn, in the spring of next or any other year – is not important. And whether the novelty will wear the index "300" or, say," 333.3 " – also does not matter. The time will come-will know and will tell.

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