For Kia Optima designed a brand new body with an original silhouette

For Kia Optima designed a brand new body with an original silhouette, a different plastic sidewalls, a new grille and extravagant optics: stroke led running lights reminiscent of the letter Z. by the way, a similar solution on some models Kia has already applied. Mirrors on the design sketches moved to the front doors, increased the amount of chrome on the body, changed the shape of the rear racks and trunk lid, and the trunk got a full-width led line connecting the rear lights.

The interior architecture has also been thoroughly redesigned: the digital instrument panel and the screen of the multimedia system have become rectangular and almost merged, the number of physical buttons has noticeably decreased, ventilation deflectors and the like have become more elegant. Another significant change – Optima lost the traditional gearshift lever, which gave way to a compact "washer".

Neither the premiere date nor any mechanical details have been made public yet, but it is very likely that, firstly, the Kia Optima will debut this year (though in the version for the home market under the name Kia K5), and secondly, the motors for the sedan will be borrowed from the Hyundai Sonata.

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