Significantly updated Nissan Patol 2020 model year will be presented

Significantly updated Nissan Patol 2020 model year will be presented tonight, September 24. The official premiere of the large SUV will be held in the United Arab Emirates at 20:00 Moscow time. The modernized "Patrol" will get a slightly retouched appearance, and most importantly - a new interior.

Appearance 2020 Nissan Patol in General is not a big secret, because earlier the car has already fallen into the lenses of eyewitnesses. A characteristic feature of the new " Patrol "-redesigned" mask "front with fully led optics, C-shaped daytime running lights, a more complex bumper and grille in the original" Nissan " V-style. Behind the designers also ran on the plastic bumper and added LED-lights of another form. Plus new body colors and a set of wheels with a modified design.

Important changes are in the interior of the Nissan Patrol. In the old architecture of the front panel inscribed a pair of LCD-panels, the first of which is a media system in its purest form, and the second, the bottom - and even touch control panel onboard functionality. In addition, the center console with automatic transmission selector has been redesigned, new trim materials and upholstery colors have appeared, and the main driver's tool will be a new steering wheel. Overall, aging salon "Patrol" will sparkle with new colors and will keep the adoption currency for another couple of years.

On the technical side, no special changes are expected. Under the hood will leave petrol "atmosferica" 4.0 l V6 275 HP and the mighty 5.6 l V8 405 HP power - estimated, as accurate figures for the company slightly adjusted.

Sales of the updated Nissan Patrol on the most important model for the middle East market will start in the coming months. But whether this model will return to Russia is a big question. As you know, "Patrol" was withdrawn from our market in 2017 due to a combination of adverse factors: high prices, lack of diesel (because of this, the failure of sales against the background of Toyota Land Cruiser 200, which has three-quarters of the demand for diesel), internal competition with the Infiniti QX80 and so on.

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