ogether with the brand "cart" crossover got a completely new appearance

Together with the brand "cart" crossover got a completely new appearance, became more spacious, tough and technically sophisticated. At the global level, "ravchik" significantly updated the motor range, and some of these updates have reached our country.

Crossover will be equipped with two motors. Both atmospherics are capable of digesting 92nd gasoline, but the first with a volume of 2.0 liters develops 149 HP, and the second has a volume of 2.5 liters and, accordingly, the power of 199 HP.the First is supposed to be aggregated with a mechanical 6-speed box or variator, and all-wheel drive for it is available in expensive configurations. The second works with a non-alternative 8-band automatic and all-wheel drive system is completed by default-but is offered only in two expensive versions.

By the way, all-wheel drive systems are now also two: if the base moment is transmitted by means of a clutch on the rear axle as a whole, in a more expensive version for the versions of the Prestige and above, the system can adjust the amount of traction on each of the rear wheels individually.

Levels of equipment for RAV4 offered four-Standard, Comfort, Prestige and Prestige Safety, providing a complex of active safety systems. However, according to the scheme invented in Toyota, two engines, three boxes, two all-wheel drive systems and four complete sets as a result give only six options for acquisition.

The basic equipment includes a front-wheel drive crossover with mechanics and 149-horsepower engine, led optics and 17-inch wheels, air conditioning, multimedia system with 7-inch screen and heated steering wheel and front seats. The appearance of all-wheel drive will increase the price.

And the remaining two options - a Toyota RAV4 with 199-horsepower engine and automatic. In a complete set "Comfort" and "Prestige Safety" (with all-wheel drive with the possibility of vectorization of traction).

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