Pirelli Ice Zero 2 is the name of the tire

Pirelli Ice Zero 2 is the name of the tire, which the manufacturer describes as " a revolutionary novelty in 2019 in the market of studded winter tires, created specifically for cars of the "premium" and "prestige" segment, including cars of the SUV class".

It is emphasized that the new generation of Pireelli Ice Zero 2 is based on many years of experience in the production of winter products, numerous tests at its own winter range in Sweden, innovative solutions by Pirelli engineers and exclusive patented technologies. All this is designed to ensure that the new product meets the highest requirements when driving in harsh winter – that is, typical Russian-conditions.

The multi-heart of the new ice Zero 2 tire is a new improved spike: thanks to its reduced size and new layout, it was possible to achieve maximum efficiency of each individual spike, since the trajectory of each is individual and does not repeat the "path" of the other. Thanks to this solution, Pirelli engineers have significantly improved traction and braking performance and provided optimal performance on snow, including deep. Also, due to the new location of the spikes, the noise level is reduced to values close to the noise of non-studded winter tires, which significantly increases driving comfort and reduces the overall noise on the streets and roads.

It should be noted that the reliable operation of the tire on the ice is provided by the patented unique technology and asymmetric geometry of the double spike. Its flat and wide surface provides increased impact resistance of the core, which as a result gives an extremely low degree of" loss " of spikes. The core of the spike is made of tungsten carbide, which has increased abrasion resistance, keeping the efficiency of the spike as long as possible, and its smaller weight and size also contributes to noise reduction, which greatly increases driving comfort. The Ice Zero 2 features improved traction and braking performance and optimal snow performance not only thanks to an innovative spike layout, but also an increase in the number of spikes from 130 (previous generation) to 190 (minimum number in small sizes).

A crucial role in the transmission of tire grip with the road is played by the design of the hole for the spike in the tread. During the development of Ice Zero, the stiffness of the rubber compound in the spike area was optimized, thereby improving its fastening. Another unique solution of the company's engineers became a kind of" containers " for snow on both sides of each spike: due to their presence on the surface of the spikes does not form a thin crust of ice, allowing the spikes to work as efficiently as possible. In addition, thanks to 3D-lamellas in the blocks of the shoulder area of the tire, the characteristics are improved on dry roads, and due to V-shaped channels – "accelerators" of water drainage – the grip on wet asphalt is increased.

The line of new Pirelli tires is presented in the size range of 16-22 inches, available in the Ice Zero version for sedans, including sports, and in the Scorpion Ice Zero 2 version for SUVs and crossovers that have higher cross-country characteristics and require the highest possible grip.

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