onservative version of the 911 sports car-it features a 7-speed manual transmission

In Zuffenhausen still heeded the expectations of fans and built a particularly conservative version of the 911 sports car-it features a 7-speed manual transmission. And in Porsche especially note that for the need to shift gears and work the clutch will not need to pay extra!

For branded manual transmission in Porsche will not take a cent above the previous price, but the sports car will not be cheaper, although, as a rule, it happens on the contrary - the manufacturer pays extra for manual transmission, offering cars with "mechanics" at a price lower than the two-pedal. However, the company found something to sweeten the pill: along with a free manual box, the buyer of the three-speed 911 will receive some bonuses.

First, he will get an optional Sport Chrono package for free (at least in the US market), which costs more than 2 thousand dollars in North America. Secondly, the box will teach automatic refueling, and the differential in the transmission will be mechanical-in contrast to the electronically controlled device, which is installed on the version with a robotic PDK box.

However, fans of "full control over the car" at the same time will be forced to put up with losses in the dynamics: "robot" goes through the transmission is still faster than the driver. A Porsche 911 with a manual gearbox was about half a second slower than a robotic one in the "acceleration to a hundred" exercise.

And one more rather strange nuance: it is declared that Porsche plans to equip with a manual box only 911 in modifications of Carrera S and 4S with the 420-strong motor. Basic modifications, which are equipped with a 385-horsepower engine, seven-speed mechanics "does not Shine".

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