Presented VOLKSWAGEN ID. Space Vizzion

The introduction of the concept was another way for VW

The introduction of the concept was another way for VW to demonstrate the versatility of the MEB platform, one for the entire family. The length of the station wagon almost reached 5 m, while in its cabin placed only 4 seats (although VW made a reservation that the production model will be 5-seater). The trunk volume was 586 liters, and the developers believe that this result is quite at the level of the mid-size crossover segment. And two longboards are built into it.

The exterior of the Space Vizzion is designed in accordance with the style of the entire ID line, but the distinctive feature of this concept is not only numerous led inclusions, but also an air resistance coefficient of 0.24 – including thanks to thoughtful air ducts and a special solution instead of door handles.

They have been replaced by touch panels that light up when the concept detects the presence of a host nearby. Mentioned and 22-inch wheels with a special aerodynamic design.

The original" chip " of the interior was a minimalist dashboard, the functions of which are divided between a projection display with elements of augmented reality and a 15.6-inch monitor of the multimedia system. The interior is decorated with eco-friendly material AppleSkin, which is obtained by recycling waste "Apple industry" and polyurethane.

The center console is devoid of protruding elements: the gear shift is transferred to the steering lever, and you can control multimedia from the screen or voice, and from the touch panels on the steering wheel. Another possibility of communication between a person and a car is the visual signals provided by the" smart " atmospheric illumination.

The concept is driven by a single motor on the rear axle, which develops 275 HP, but it is already known that the Space Vizzion has a twin-engine all-wheel drive version, which has 355 HP Acceleration to 100 km / h will take about 5 seconds, and thanks to the 82-kilowatt battery concept will be able to drive without recharging up to 590 km.

Serial prospects of the prototype have not yet been identified, but given the strategic efforts of Volkswagen to develop electric direction, sooner or later Space Vizzion will stand on the conveyor.

Presented VOLKSWAGEN ID. Space Vizzion
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