The first prototype of the "Crimea" was not a design layout

The first prototype of the "Crimea" was not a design layout, but quite a running prototype, which the developers ran through the test program. According to their results, the nuances that should be corrected were identified. According to the team itself Bauman Racing Team in social networks, fixed some shortcomings related to the operation of the suspension, clutch and the like. Itself grip, by the way, became hydraulic.

During the time since the creation of the first Roadster, the developers have come up with a new car frame – the so-called "box-bearing system", which was implemented on the new instance. It is described as"light, rigid and extremely technological". It is noted that a lot of work has been done to improve the passive safety of "Crimea", and simultaneously increased and trunk.

Finally, the BRT seriously concerned about the standardization of Roadster components-obviously, just with an eye to serial production. This applies to used parts from third-party suppliers, and those elements that have been designed specifically for the sports car.

It is claimed that BRT is not going to stop there. At the moment, preparations are underway for a full presentation of the second copy of the "Crimea", but work has already started on the third prototype, which in the team's statement is already called "pre-production". Equipped with rear-wheel drive Roadster 1.6-liter 106-horsepower engine (apparently originally from Togliatti) paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

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