In the MSTU. Bauman has been working on an affordable Russian sports car

In the MSTU. Bauman has been working on an affordable Russian sports car for more than a year: the project started in 2014. In the database of Rospatent appeared images that give an idea of how "Crimea" may look at the final stage.

The right holder of the patent is declared "Design Bureau ""national Roadster", and the industrial design itself is called "National Roadster": the word "Crimea" does not appear in the documents. It would be possible to assume that the patent is issued for some other model, especially since there are no obvious visual links with the current appearance of the Roadster either.

However, as the address of the copyright holder is specified 2nd Bauman street, which, in fact, is a technical UNIVERSITY, where work is underway on the construction of "Crimea". Given that the application was filed in 2018, the main version can be considered the hypothesis that the patent images captured the project of the final appearance of the sports car.

In addition, previously, a group of developers, which includes students and postgraduates "Baumanka", stated their intentions to sooner or later build a third prototype of the " Crimea "( now testing is the second in a row). Accordingly, it is quite possible that it will look like this, although the presence of a registered patent does not guarantee the implementation of these stylistic solutions.

The sports car was built on the platform developed by the initiators of the project with the original load-bearing frame of the body, but with a wide borrowing of serial components, including from Togliatti.

It is claimed that this will make it easier to adapt the "Crimea" to mass production. A sports car with a 1.6-liter atmospheric engine and 5-speed mechanics on sale can cost about 700 thousand rubles.

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