Updated Mercedes-Benz Actros-the first production truck in the world

Updated Mercedes-Benz Actros-the first production truck in the world, which lost the traditional side mirrors. Instead, the MirrorCam cameras are installed, which transmit the image to two 15-inch monitors on the windshield racks. All for the sake of aerodynamics, which directly affects fuel consumption: the rejection of "burdock" mirrors allowed to reduce the appetite of the truck by 1.3%, which in conditions of large annual mileage means tens, if not hundreds of liters of diesel fuel saved. 

The updated truck will be equipped with an Active Drive Assist system, which partially automates driving at the entire speed range. It corrects the trajectory, slows and accelerates the truck, fulfills the turns, preventing the exit from the road. Mercedes claims that this is the first experience in the market of introducing such an option in the production model of the truck.

After updating the camera instead of mirrors received not only the main Actros, but also the construction series Arocs (right).

Brake the truck, too, knows how to himself. The new generation Active Brake Assist 5 system recognizes pedestrians and obstacles that it "sees" with radar and camera, reacting to both stationary and moving objects. At the same time, Active Brake Assist 5 can not only slow down, but also brake the truck to a complete stop.

Predictive Powertrain Control is a "smart" cruise control that is able to recognize turns and road profile (incline or climb) and shift gears accordingly in cruise control mode. 

Multimedia cockpit received two large displays, one of which replaces the dashboard. It displays data from all ancillary services, in particular the new road sign recognition feature. The second touch screen is designed to work with selected Mercedes-Benz Truck programs, it also displays maps of the new navigation system. Multimedia Cockpit supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The start of production of a series of heavy trucks and tractors with a total weight of 18 to 33 tons is scheduled for the end of 2019-beginning of 2020.

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