The history of Skoda Octavia dates back to January 1959

The history of Skoda Octavia dates back to January 1959: since then, more than 6.5 million of these cars have traveled around the world. In the mid-90s appeared the first modern and familiar to us Octavia, and in the last few years, the model of the past, the third generation annually sold about 400 000 pieces, providing about a third of the sales of the Czech brand. Skoda says that today the Octavia is the most popular car in the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Belarus. About two-thirds of Octavia buyers prefer the Combi wagon. In addition, the manufacturer reports that the Octavia is the most popular station wagon in Europe and the best-selling imported model in Germany.

Along with the external dimensions increased and interior. The amount of space for the rear passengers ' knees has increased to 78 mm. the trunk Volume, which was previously the largest in the segment, has increased to 640 l for the Combi station wagon and up to 600 l for the liftback.

The length of the Combi wagon increased by 22 mm (to 4 689 mm), and the width-by 15 mm (to 1 829 mm). The dimensions of the liftback increased by 19 mm in length (up to 4 689 mm) and 15 mm in width (up to 1 829 mm). The length of the wheelbase is 2 686 mm. on the roof-new rails, updated alloy wheels-up to 19 inches in diameter. Improved aerodynamics: the coefficient of drag (cd) in the liftback decreased to 0.24, and the wagon Octavia Combi – to 0.26.

This is also the first Octavia with fully led matrix headlights (in the top version). Using a camera on the windshield of the car, the automation detects passing and oncoming vehicles, as well as pedestrians and objects reflecting light. In addition, the car meets and accompanies the driver using the Coming/Leaving Home function. The process involves fully led taillights, which-for the first time on Skoda Octavia-are equipped with dynamic turn indicators.

Salon "Octavia" completely redesigned. For the first time, seats with a special orthopedic backrest profile are available for the model, for which, in addition to heating, ventilation and/or massage functions are available as an option. In the list of options also sports seats have a finish of "breathable" fabric ThermoFlux, three-zone climate control Climatronic and Keyless access system KESSY, which allows you to open first any of the four doors of the car.

Skoda also States that the new Octavia is the first model of the brand with a projection display that displays on the windshield, for example, speed or navigation. Media systems support the functionality of radio and television streaming services, as well as fully wireless pairing with a mobile phone using SmartLink + technology. There will also be 5 USB-connectors, two of them-type USB-C. as an option in the rear part of the cabin can also be installed socket 230 V. in the list of options - audio system Canton Sound System.

The rear Windows have blinds.The background lighting of the interior with different colors.The backs of the front seats have pockets for smartphones.
In addition, the new Octavia received a modified digital "dashboard" with a 10-inch display. The driver can choose four basic data display templates – Basic, Classic, Navigation and Driver Assistance Systems. In addition, the driver can display two maps of the navigation system with different scales on the digital dashboard and on the 10-inch touchscreen display on the center panel. Climatronic can be controlled via a panel at the bottom of the media system display. The touch bar under the display allows you to adjust the volume of the audio system with one finger, and two fingers can change the scale of the map.

Several driver assistance systems are responsible for safety, some of which are put on the "Octavia" for the first time. The new Collision Avoidance Assist system increases the torque on the steering wheel in case the system detects a risk of collision with a pedestrian, cyclist or other vehicle. Thus, it helps to make a controlled detour and avoid an accident.

The Exit Warning function works when the car door is opened, alerting the driver to the approach of a cyclist or other vehicle from behind. And the Hands - on Detect system recognizes a situation when the driver has let go of the steering wheel for a long time – for example, because of poor health. In this case, the Emergency Assist system is activated, which automatically slows the car to a complete stop.

The new Octavia is the first Skoda model to use shift-by-wire technology to control the DSG "robot": the selector is now connected to the box not mechanically, but by wires. Instead of the usual lever – a new control module on the dashboard with a separate button to enable the mode P (Parking).

The range of engines, in addition to petrol and diesel variants, will include units on compressed methane (CNG), with plug-in hybrid modification and – for the first time for Skoda – with engines made by the technology of "soft" hybrid (Mild Hybrid). Paired with the 7-speed "robot" DSG 3-cylinder motor 1.0 TSI 110 HP and 4-cylinder unit 1.5 TSI (150 HP) involve 48-volt starter belt drive and 48-volt lithium-ion battery.

This allows you to go coasting with the engine turned off, recover braking energy and then use it to accelerate. At the same time, the engine starts quieter and vibrates less. Both engines are also available with a 6-speed manual transmission without soft hybrid technology.

The most powerful gasoline engine 2.0 TSI produces 190 HP and works in conjunction with only all-wheel drive and DSG-7. All TSI power plants are equipped with particulate filters.

Diesels in the new "Octavia" will be three pieces: 2-liter units produce 115, 150 or 200 HP. These are the engines of the new generation EVO and they emit up to 80% less nitrogen oxides. In addition to the particulate filter, in Europe the engines are equipped with a system called "double dosing", which injects The AdBlue reagent in front of two series-mounted catalytic converters (SCR). With these solutions, the engines meet future Euro 6d standards. 150 and 200 "power" Diesels are available with all-wheel drive for an additional fee.

The g-TEC version, powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), is equipped with a 1.5 TSI engine with 130 HP.the Total capacity of the three tanks is 17.7 kg, and if necessary, the engine can run on gasoline, for which the model has a backup 9 - liter fuel tank. The Skoda Octavia G-TEC will be available in both body versions, with a 6-speed manual transmission or DSG-7.

The hybrid Octavia iV, equipped with a 1.4 l petrol engine and traction electric motor, is available in 204 HP or 245 HP variants. Both hybrids are DSG - 6 only.

In addition to the basic chassis, there will be an option with a sports suspension, lowered by 15 mm, as well as a version for bad roads Rough Road with clearance increased by 15 mm. for an additional fee - adaptive chassis DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control), which constantly adjusts the suspension and damping characteristics depending on driving conditions and has several modes of operation, available through the driving Mode Select menu. In a complete set with the chassis DCC ground clearance plug-in hybrid modifications Octavia remains unchanged, and in other versions it is reduced by 10 mm.

Of course, not without numerous branded solutions Simply Clever. For the first time Octavia received a package for sleep (Sleep Package), which includes a blanket and two larger and more comfortable headrests. For the wagon there is a set of convenient nets for the trunk and automatically retractable curtain in the trunk. For passengers in the rear seat there are two compartments for smartphones in the backs of the front seats. There are two USB-C ports in the front of the cabin, two more (as an option) are available at the rear, and another-for the first time on a Skoda car-is provided on the ceiling console near the rear-view mirror. A convenient solution for connecting, for example, a DVR: the same function is, for example, Haval F7/F7x.  

The umbrella compartment in the driver's door has a place for a brush, which is also included in the list of original Skoda accessories. There is a funnel built into the tank cover for the washing liquid. Also available for the model is an optional retractable traction device, which is triggered by a button in the trunk. Diesel modifications are also equipped with AdBlue reagent funnels compatible with truck refueling pistols.

Given the popularity of the wagon body, the first to go on sale Octavia Combi. The implementation of the liftback will start next in a few weeks. At the start of sales, the new Octavia will be offered in active, Ambition and Style trim levels. In 2020, the model range will be supplemented by the all-terrain wagon Octavia Scout and sports version of the Octavia RS.

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