The Vision-S concept, which was led by Sony

The Vision-S concept, which was led by Sony, involved several other prominent companies and concerns from various near-automotive areas – for example, Nvidia, Bosch, ZF and Continental, and the platform for the electric car was created with the participation of experts from Magna Steyr.

At the same time, the technical characteristics of the electric car its creators did not particularly spread. It is only known that it is equipped with a two-engine power plant (engines develop 270 HP) and is able to accelerate to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds. But on-Board equipment in Sony told in detail.

The concept was equipped, for example, with an Autonomous control system, which is based on information supplied by a complex of 33 sensors.

In front of the driver of the electric car, a set of monitors is deployed, which includes two side screens that replace the exterior mirrors, each of the rear passengers has a display, and a special acoustic system with a 3D effect is responsible for the" voice-over " of the cabin. For the sake of the latter, the speakers were even built into each of the four seats.

At the same time, Sony has already denied the concept to continue the biography. As project Manager Izumi Kawanishi told the Japanese edition of Impress Watch, the Vision-S project was, first, a test of the company's pen in an unusual genre, second, a demonstration of Sony's abilities in relation to the automotive industry, and third, the company's contribution to the inevitable evolution of the concept of "personal mobility".

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