The new Flying Spur didn't just cut to zero the technology gap from luxury competitors

The new Flying Spur didn't just cut to zero the technology gap from luxury competitors - it got the best technology the VAG group has today. Tell them how much it will cost in Russia, and why "Maibohm" cost much strain.

Frankly, in the Russian segment "ultraluxury" formed a small sastojci. If it were not for the premiere of Aurus Senat with a price tag of 18 million, which at least all the fun discussed, you could absolutely die of boredom. But now it will be more interesting: in Russia, the premiere of the British Bentley Flying Spur, which made a quantum leap in the "iron" and digital technologies. Luxurious enough to ride with a chauffeur, and fully chauffeur-driven enough to drive him away.

Let's cut to the chase. Conditionally-the basic cost of the new Bentley Flying Spur in Russia will be 15 190 000 rubles-it's a lot, but at the same time almost exactly corresponds to the price of 12-cylinder Mercedes-Maybach S 650. By the way, the rise in price of the relatively old "Spurs" - less than a million, which is quite adequate, given such a large amount of changes. The first customers will receive their cars in early 2020, and at the start will be available versions of the First Edition with a special finishing configuration, options and logos with "Union Jack" on the body. Price tags for these cars are still being formed.

Now for the changes. With the move to the MSB platform (the same used in the Porsche Panamera and Continental GT) sedan Flying Spur became a little longer (5 304 mm), and the wheelbase stretched as much as 130 mm (up to 3 195 mm). Moreover, the front axle for the sake of more optimal weight distribution pushed forward, why, by the way, and the proportions of the front part of the body found harmony. 

 The modified 6.0 l W12 Turbomotor now develops 635 HP and 900 Nm and is combined with the same 8-speed ZF preselective robot as Porsche. In the end, the 0-100 km/h 2.5-ton sedan is just 3.8 seconds and maximum speed reaches what supercars do 333 km/h all - wheel drive transmission is also completely new, with a 100 percent priority of the rear axle in normal conditions.

It is logical to assume that a little later there will be a more optimal price version of the V8 S, hybrid and faster modification Speed.

The most interesting thing is that the Bentley for the first time uses a full-control chassis: at low speeds, the rear wheels turn in the direction opposite to the front, to facilitate maneuvering a large sedan, for example, in close Parking conditions. At high speed - exactly the opposite. Turning the rear wheels is in phase with the front, which allows you to instantly change lanes. Three-chamber air suspension with increased air volume by 60% and Bentley Dynamic Ride active roll suppression system are responsible for improving driving comfort. Moreover, all this economy was transferred to a more efficient power system 48V. And here are the largest in the automotive industry cast-iron brake discs with a diameter of 420 mm.

The cherry on the cake - a completely new interior, which is architecturally, though repeats the Continental GT, but the decor elements (ventilation grilles, trim the front panel and door cards) are their own, more elegant.

Plus absolutely brilliant multimedia module in the form of a three-way prism, where one panel - a 12.3-inch screen, the second-analog devices, and the third - a bare veneer for digital "detox".

The output is a luxurious, but interesting for driving luxury sedan Bentley with a large margin of technological relevance. Anyway, and matrix headlights from led now distinguish even the most avid conformists.

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