Tesla has begun rolling out another firmware update for its electric vehicles

Tesla has begun rolling out another firmware update for its electric vehicles. With the new software "Tesla" will become smarter and more talkative and learn to more adequately navigate in space.

The new firmware received the number 2019.40.50. The company said it was expanding the list of voice commands that on-Board electronics are able to distinguish, and they are becoming more like normal spoken cues than commands. For example, the machine can be asked to "set the temperature to 25 degrees", "turn on the Beatles" or "adjust the right mirror".

The machine will be able to press the scroll button on the steering wheel to read aloud the received text message, and the answer to it can be dictated: the electronics will recognize the voice and translate it into written speech.

Updated and autopilot software: now it can show on the screen objects around the car-traffic lights, stop signs and markings. Video recorded by the on-Board recorder TeslaCam, stored on the hard drive by simply pressing the horn, and in the range of games that can be played directly on the display of the multimedia system, there are two more electronic "fun" and game streaming service Twitch.

Finally, Tesla electric vehicles have a so-called "camping mode": its activation optimizes energy consumption when using, for example, climate control, lighting and multimedia system during prolonged Parking.

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