His truck in Tesla called Cybertruck, and only at the presentation it became clear why.

His truck in Tesla called Cybertruck, and only at the presentation it became clear why. With its outlines, the pickup makes you remember either dystopian science fiction about a gloomy authoritarian future, or the times of the domination of the Italian luminaries of wedge-shaped design. Be that as it may, on the world stage of the automotive industry there was a vehicle that just can not be confused with anything – you can give a 101 percent guarantee. And that was Tesla's idea – to create a pickup truck that would dilute the crowd of cargo twins that flooded the U.S. market.

"Cybertrak" turned out to be full-size: in length it stretched to 5 885 mm, and the depth of the cargo platform almost reached 2 meters. In the cabin of the pickup can accommodate up to 6 people, and the driver's seat in the style of Tesla is made extremely minimalist, and the distinctive feature is an exotic steering wheel instead of the steering wheel. However, during the preparation for production it can be replaced with something more familiar. The load-bearing body with a power structure in the form of an exoskeleton is made with impact-resistant external cold-rolled steel panels, and polymer glasses are also declared as impact-resistant. At the presentation on the body several times well "stopped" with a sledgehammer without any consequences. And it is claimed that the steel will withstand a direct hit from a 9-millimeter firearm.

Due to the air suspension, the pickup can Crouch on the stern to facilitate loading.

And it traditionally turned out to be damn fast. The busiest version of the Tesla Cybertruck Tri Motor AWD is equipped with three electric motors (their power is not called) and is able to accelerate to about 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 210 km / h. Drag the same distance in a quarter of a mile truck will rush in 11.8 seconds – this is at the level of the top performance Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Without recharging, it will travel about 800 km, and such a truck costs in the United States from $ 70,000, that is, at the price of the most expensive Ford F-150.

The basic single-engine version of the Single Motor RWD was 30 thousand dollars cheaper, but it also has a confident power reserve of 400 km, a set of 96 km / h - for 6.5 seconds, "maximum speed" - 177 km / h. The average twin-engine version will do without chargers for 480 km, and it will take 4.5 seconds to set 60 mph. Towing capacity - from 2.9 to 6.3 tons, and in the body Cybertruck will take away up to 1.6 tons. by the way, the body received a regular cover, under which up to 2 831 liters of Luggage will fit. It is claimed that the big pickup will stand on the road like a Porsche 911, but it has decent geometric characteristics with an angle of entry of 35 degrees. The exit angle is 28 degrees, and the ground clearance due to the air suspension can reach 400 mm.

The first deliveries of Tesla Cybertruck will take place no earlier than 2021, and the most powerful version will appear a year later. However, the acceptance of pre-orders in the US is already open, and each of them will have to be confirmed with a Deposit of $ 100.

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