Designed on a custom-built platform with fully independent suspension

Designed on a custom-built platform with fully independent suspension, the crossover received one or two electric motors to choose from with multiple boost types, multiple battery options with different power reserve, and a" charged " GT variant. The aluminum body of the Mustang Mach-E with integrated batteries in the floor panels is equipped with five seats and two trunks. The front (under the usual hood) has a volume of only 136 liters, but the rear can be increased from the base 821 liters to 1 688 liters.

The interior, despite Ford's claims of complete continuity of the design school, is more reminiscent of the salons of any other crossover brand. But its landmark difference was a huge 15.5-inch monitor from which you can control the multimedia system SYNC 4-it debuted with Mach-E. In addition, the list of equipment will include 10.2-inch digital "tidy", acoustics Bang&Olufsen, panoramic glazing with UV protection and so on.

In total, there are five variants for the novelty, and inside some of them you can choose both the number of motors, and the battery capacity, and the type of drive. The most modestly armed Mach-E is equipped with a single electric motor with a return of 259 HP and 75.7-kilowatt battery, will be able to accelerate to 100 km / h in about 6.5 seconds and drive without recharging up to 370 km.

With the advent of a more capacious 98.8-kilowatt battery, the engine output grows to 282 HP, and the addition of a second motor will allow the cross-coupe to have 338 HP and 565 Nm of torque. The fastest of the standard electric "Mustangs" is about a second faster than the base, and the longest-range-about 100 km hardier.

But there is a cross-coupe and a special modification of the GT. It was equipped with electric motors with a return of 460 HP and 830 Nm of torque, and a set of the first "hundreds" of such Mach-E will spend about 3.5 seconds. It will be delivered only with a top battery, but the power reserve of the Mach-E GT will be at the level of the basic cross-coupe – for the sake of dynamics.

Sales of new items in the US will start at the end of next year (although the reception of orders is already open) with a complete set of First Edition – it will differ in some nuances of finishing. Later, the market will be medium, and then the basic configuration, and in early 2021, Ford promises to send out on showrooms and Mach-E GT. Prices range from $ 43,895 to $ 60,500.

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